Experience With Both Sides Of Workers’ Compensation And Personal Injury Claims

At The Law Office of Kyle D. Johnston, LLC, we know how workers’ compensation cases and personal injury claims are handled by the insurance companies. Attorney Kyle D. Johnston spent the first half of his career working as an insurance defense lawyer for workers’ comp cases. Today, he fights for the rights of workers and people wrongfully injured in motor vehicle accidents.

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Photo of attorney Kyle Johnston
Photo of attorney Kyle Johnston

Experienced Georgia Workers’ Compensation And Personal Injury Attorney

We Get Fair Compensation For The Wrongly Injured

When people are injured in car crashes and other accidents, the insurance claims adjuster usually shows up shortly after you file a claim. You can expect a lowball offer that you will be encouraged to sign as quickly as possible. These offers tend to underestimate the long-term costs of follow-up medical care and the extent of lost income and earning capacity. In some cases, the side effects of injuries do not appear until weeks or months after the accident. This means that signing a settlement offer early could mean never being compensated for the full extent of your injuries.

At The Law Office of Kyle D. Johnston, LLC, we know the tactics that the insurance industry uses to keep settlement offers low because attorney Johnston began his career working for the insurance industry. We know how to hold the insurance company accountable and make sure that you get the compensation you deserve.

It’s Critical To Protect Injured Workers After An Accident

You deserve to have a safe workplace, but accidents happen every day that seriously injure workers. We understand how stressful and overwhelming a work injury can be, so we strive to take the burden off our clients by handling the paperwork and legal aspects of the claim. You can focus on getting well while we work on your case.

Injured workers have rights. You can seek workers’ compensation benefits and possibly additional compensation even if you are undocumented. Just talk to us, and we will explain how we can help you.

We Fight Hard For The Benefits And Compensation You Need

Workers’ compensation benefits cover all your medical expenses and some of your lost wages: typically, two-thirds of your average weekly wage. If you are permanently disabled by the injury, you may also receive a lump-sum payment for your loss.

In some cases, injured workers can also file a personal injury suit against a negligent third party. This can provide much-needed financial support to people with serious injuries and families who lost loved ones in work accidents. Any compensation you receive in a third-party suit is in addition to your workers’ compensation benefits.

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