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If You’ve Been Injured At Work Or In An Accident, Our Firm Is Here For You

Getting compensation for an injury caused by unsafe conditions, careless acts or the negligence of other people or organizations is typically far more difficult than it should be. Thankfully, hiring the right attorney can make a big difference in the process and outcome of your case. You need to look no further than The Law Office of Kyle D. Johnston, LLC, a firm serving residents here in Atlanta and across the state of Georgia.

Our firm only represents people who have been injured. While we never side with employers or the insurance industry, our firm’s founder, Kyle Johnston, spent the first half of his career on the other side of these disputes. This experience gives him insights into the arguments and tactics that employers and insurers use to try to deny legitimate workers’ compensation claims and keep accident victims from getting the compensation that they deserve. Whether you were hurt on the job or in an accident caused by the careless or negligent act of another, attorney Johnston can anticipate the opposing council’s tactics and make sure that you get the compensation you deserve.

To learn more about attorney Johnston’s training, experience and credentials, follow the link below:

Photo of attorney Kyle Johnston
Attorney Kyle Johnston

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Paralegal Pirosa Merritt

What You Can Expect: An Attorney Who Truly Cares

When you work with our firm, you never need to worry about being “just another case.” Attorney Johnston believes in forming strong relationships with clients, and he strives to be reachable whenever you need him. Many lawyers claim they promptly return phone calls – attorney Johnston actually does. He even gives clients his cellphone number so that they can reach him more easily.

You can also expect a completely nonjudgmental environment in our office. Attorney Johnston has lived in many different areas throughout the country and abroad amongst people from all different backgrounds, including living two years in brazil. He will fight to protect your workplace rights and will not hesitate to take an aggressive approach when it comes to helping you claim the insurance settlement or workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled.

Don’t Wait To Seek Help – Contact Our Firm Today

The Law Office of Kyle D. Johnston, LLC, is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and we proudly serve clients throughout the state. If you’ve been hurt at work or in an accident, please don’t risk getting a fair settlement by waiting too long to seek help. The sooner you contact our firm, the sooner we can get to work on your case.

To arrange your initial consultation, call us at 404-600-1750 or fill out our online contact form. Our legal team speaks English, Português and Español.